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About Movement Village Arts and Lee Kelly

Village Movement Arts provides pilates and somatic-based coaching and personal development. We use awareness-based movement and coaching to support you in clarifiying your personal goals and visions to get your life looking and feeling like the masterpiece it was always meant to be.

Lee Kelly is a Somatic Educator, Coach and Workshop Facilitator, developer of Psycho-Physical Presence Processing 4P(eace) and a drag performer known as Mitze Peterbilt. Lee holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of the Facilitator In Transformation Program of Next Level Trainings. 


Pilates and Presence

Lee specializes in creating clarity and peace of mind for high-achieving leaders by creating mind-body presence, purpose-driven goals and a globally-focused personal vision. Pilates keeps the spine healthy, promotes strong joints and core, and improves flexibility. 


Mindfulness and Movement

Lee is a life-long student of mindfulness and movement, an avid consumer of all things anatomical and spiritual and is driven by a passion to create a new paradigm of a fully-empowered society through the work of awareness, emotional intelligence, embodied movement, self-inquiry and globally-focused committed action. 

Services Include

Private Pilates/Mindful Movement Session

Duet Session

Personally-Tailored Small Group (up to 6)

Pilates Intro Package 

3 sessions of personal one-on-one or couples Pilates

10-pack Pilates/Mindful Movement

10 75-minutes sessions

Private Coaching/Meditation 

Free Discovery Session

Sign up for more information and upcoming events. Discover what mindful-movement and alignment-based inquiry can do for you. During your awakening session, we will determine the best route to take with your movement/coaching plan. Whether it’s to experience personal Pilates for the first time or to take a deep dive into meditation and mindfulness, we personally tailor each session to meet your needs. Includes goals and vision assessment (15 minutes but plan on 30).

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